Thursday, September 27, 2012

Song of the Week- How Country Feels

Hey Everyone I hope you are really enjoying my blog!

You  might have been wondering why I titled my blog the way I did, and I will now tell you.  There is a song by country singer Randy Houser.  Randy is not a well known artist, but this new top single is all I have been singing this week.  Randy has not a had a top hit since 2008 with "They Call Me Cadillac."  But his time finally came and now it has a top radio hit.  He co-wrote How Country Feels with three other writers.  And he claims that the song "is very relate-able, too, because everybody who listens to country music is not in the country. One thing we have to remember as songwriters is that we have to consider that country music is the country's music. That doesn't mean that everybody's rural."   Critics say that there are parts in the song that seem a little too "country song stereotypical," but there then are also very exciting parts in the song, with guitar solos, and voice breaks with plenty of musical background.  I personally love the song and hope that the 35- year old country artist can keep the songs coming because this is a great song to listen to.  He does not have an official video for the song so please enjoy a video with the lyrics.

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